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 Welcome to the Rub Club!

The Rub Club Membership Packages




(1) one hour massage per month 

$59.95 /mo

Non-member service price: $85.00

(2) one hour massages per month  

$119.95 /mo

Non-member service price: $170.00

(4) one hour massages per month  

$239.95 /mo

Non-member service price: $340.00


1.             As a courtesy to our chemically sensitive clients and staff, please do not use scented or odor-producing products (perfumes, colognes, tobacco, etc.) on the day of your massage appointment.

2.             To keep our massage rooms pleasant and odor-free, please be showered and sweat-free the day of your massage sessions.

3.             Please arrive 5-minutes before your scheduled massage therapy appointment.   Arriving late will cheat you of your precious massage minutes.   Please remember. . . for us to offer the same quality of service to all of our massage therapy clients, each session must end on-time, regardless of how late it begins.

4.             All massage therapist's sessions include 5-minutes for dressing/undressing time, according to the following schedule:   30 minute appointment (5 minutes dressing, 25 minute massage); 60 minute appointment (5 minutes dressing, 55 minute massage)l 90 minute appointment (5 minutes dressing, 85 minute massage).

5.             Massage Cancellation policy:   if you must cancel or reschedule your massage therapist appointment, please advise us 24-48hours in advance so another client may have the opportunity to use that time, and to avoid forfeiting your massage session.   You understand that each appointment cancellation fee will be automatically deducted  from your membership.

6.             All memberships are based on a monthly debit or annual prepayment from an authorized checking account.

7.             All Rub Club packages are as is and these services will not be altered or rearranged in any way.

8.             All massages are to be used within the (30 days) month debit accrued.

9.             All visits are based on availability, hours, and discretion of the practitioner.

10.         All memberships are non-transferable.

11.         Minimum of 6  (Six) months cancellation period.

12.          For Alterations between plans require minimum 3 month enrollment.

Patient Initial_______ Staff Initial_______

13.         All members have the right to cancel the Rub Club at any time, 15days before the next scheduled debit payment in order to stop automatic payments from your account patient must sign the cancellation form at Massage Mundo.                                                     Patient Initial_______ Staff Initial_______

14.         The Rub Club reserves the right to cancel client’s memberships at any time without notice or cause to the member.

15.         All Rub Club memberships are for symptom free maintenance care if the member and cannot be used for treatment of symptoms resulting from auto accident, work injury, or any other acute injury.

16.         No cash or credit refunds will be given for unused portions of service.

17.         Rub Club reserves the right to change or amend this agreement.

I have read the above stipulations of my membership and will abide by all stipulations above plus any additional posted in the Rub Club.  I am at least eighteen (18) years of age and have no medical condition, which would preclude me from service.

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